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Drake’s Casentino Wool Overcoat

Originally produced in the Casentino valley of Tuscany near the Sanctuary of La Verna, the Florentine Wool Guild forced the makers of this cloth to use ordinary wool as to avoid any kind of competition, hence the rough quality. This hard wearing wool was used to clothe the monks and peasants who lived in the region as well as covers for animals.

Its humble origins allowed the manufacturers to experiment with the cloth itself. In using several unknown tinctures to try and increase its water resistance, the characteristic orange colour of the Casentino wool was created quite by accident. Over time, as the cloth became more popular, a variety of colours were added, including green, which had only been used as a lining previously.

The characteristic curls on the surface of the wool may at first glance look like piling, but this is a much sought after effect caused by a manual carding process which was produced by inserting dried thistles (nowadays using metal combs) inside the looms. The curls themselves aid in making the cloth tough and durable as well as warm.

For the AW13 season Drake’s has chosen to produce a classic Casentino Wool Overcoat in the beautiful green hue you can see above. The coat itself features notch lapels, breast and two flap pockets and functioning buttons on the sleeves. 

Available only at No.3 Clifford St.

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