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Seven Thoughts About Contemporary Dress


1.    It’s about mixing the sleek and the modern with great vintage pieces

There’s a certain pride in Old World craftsmanship, in objects that have stood the test of time, in style rather than momentary fashion. We’re not into looking like the past, but showing that we value it.


2.    It’s about comfort 

Good tailoring these days isn’t unconstructed, it’s deconstructed of all the heavy stiff linings and padding. Nobody wants to go around wearing 30 pounds of stiff, grey fabric. Starch was a Victorian invention.


3.    It’s about reflecting our personalities 

These days “the uniform” — the old business outfit of the dark suit-white shirt-nondescript tie-black wingtips—is worn by choice rather than necessity. And guys who dress head-to-toe in a particular designer’s gear are thought to be without any taste of their own.


4.    It’s about globalization 

Hong Kong today, New York or Milan tomorrow, and we’ve got to be appropriately dressed in a style that reflects a global level of understanding. Take a look at astute international businessmen. They’re dressed for a meeting anywhere.


5.    It’s about fun 

Is there any reason why a man shouldn’t enjoy his clothes, get pleasure and satisfaction out of knowing he’s at home in the world and with himself? It’s an acquired taste, but a lifelong comfort.


6.    It’s about mixing and matching 

Great dressers like to play genres off against each other, like wearing the old shooting coat with a city suit, or a tweed jacket into town. Nothing wrong at all with a bright checked shirt under a somber suit, a vivid yellow grenadine tie with a trad blazer. Gianni Agnelli liked to wear hunting boots with a town suit. It’s about attitude.


7.    It’s about colour 

A navy blue suit, white shirt, and dark blue tie always looks great and always will. But why should we deny ourselves a plaid madras shirt with a colourful linen sports jacket, a pair of red suede driving mocs with our trim jeans, a grass green tie with a blue voile shirt and tan khaki gabardine suit? 

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