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Woven Large Knot Grenadine - A must for every gentleman’s wardrobe

Our woven grenadine silk is the original and only true large knot grenadine. The ultimate woven neck wear – a hard twist, four knot silk with its distinctive texture – woven on ancient wooden shuttle looms. A must for every gentleman’s wardrobe.

Many of the solid grenadines you see around are woven on a navy warp and crossed by the ground colour. This produces a tie in which you see half navy and half of the ground colour. Nice enough, but what we’ve done is to invest in special warps that are the same colours as the weft threads. A bit more expensive, but the result is the deep clarity of colour we’ve been aiming for, pure, bright, intense grenadine that’s the epitome of the genre. Great with check shirts, brown gingham with a purple tie for example, or a purple gingham with a kelly green tie, that sort of thing. 

We also offer a unique series of navy ground grenadines with bar stripes in the same intense colours as our solids. So easy to wear, as though you just grabbed the first thing and couldn’t go wrong.

This season we’re offering the large knot grenadine in both 8cm and 7cm. For the 7cm we didn’t just narrow the pattern, we’ve re-balanced the tie so the knot is neither too large nor too small. The blade of the tail flares out a bit. Old school, of course, but that’s the way we like it. We’ve used a slightly lighter lining, which we think is more in keeping with the look and sensibility of the shape. And the bar tacks at either end are set further up from the tips to show an extra bit of tipping and allow for more of that 1930s feel.

Slipping the grenadine at our workshop in Clerkenwell.

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