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S/S 2012 Sports Jackets

This is admittedly a bit of a brash commercial, but we’ve had such an enthusiastic response to our Fall and Winter sports jackets we wanted to toot our own horn about our Spring and Summer range. We’ve done two new models, a double-breasted and a single-breasted, both in thoroughly classic styling, exquisitely light construction, and the finest fabrics we could find.  Simple and elegantly understated.

Our 6 x 2- button double-breasted model has the perfect, slightly curved peak lapels, side vents, two open patch pockets – for a bit of casual brio – and welted chest pocket. Very soft, immaculate construction with a 3/8th buggy lining. In sand and navy herringbone fine cotton, absolutely smashing with white or coloured jeans, featherweight cords, or tropical worsted trousers.

This season we’ve done our 3-button single-breasted jacket in a slightly more sartorial mode, with flapped side pockets and ticket pocket, a perfectly placed lapel gorge and button stance for an easy roll to the lapel. Side vented and 3/8th buggy lined for cloud-like comfort. In a khaki shade of cotton drill and navy tropical fine wool gabardine.

Unfortunately, these jackets are only sold at our premises in Clifford Street.

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