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Drake’s and Bruce Boyer


It’s no secret that I’ve been associated with Drake’s for a while now. My interest and subsequent friendship with Michael Drake and Michael Hill began several years ago when I first saw their handsome ties and scarves at a trade show in Manhattan. Since then I’ve looked forward with great anticipation to each new season’s offerings, and become a member of that unofficial club of collectors who count Drake’s their haberdasher of choice. I’m an old friend and fan.

So it seemed a no-brainer to me when Michael Drake approached me to join the family and work with his team on the online website. I jumped at the opportunity. And now Michael Hill, new at the helm and hand steady on the rudder, thought we might do something of a newsletter, not merely or solely to “promote product” as is so often the case with these things – although let’s be realistic, Drake’s has got great things to promote – but as a place to discuss some of the finer joys of the wardrobe, and perhaps a few other interests to men.

Since this is a new venture, I did want to start off with something that’s also new to Drake’s. Their shop in Clifford Street is quickly becoming the haberdashery destination to Savile Row, and the firm has decided to expand a bit in their offerings to better serve their customers. No one does better tailored clothing than the tailors of London, Milan, and Naples. But where to find the epitome of those casual-as-cardigan jackets when a less structured coat is wanted? Drake’s has audaciously stepped into this quandary, if one can in fact step into a quandary.


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